Cousin sal grantland gambling blog

Cousin sal grantland gambling blog online casino rigged

Cousin Sal On Gambling.

Previously from Cousin Sal: How big — the biggest of all 32 starting QBs. Where Was the Spark? But a couein Texans team should be playing most of this game from behind. Where Was the Spark?

Cousin Sal's Week 1 Prop Bets! NFL This season's blog will primarily focus on the Thursday-night games. That way, if you go .. Gambling!!! Cousin Sal's Gambling Blog: March Mad Men Edition. Welcome to March Mad Men! There we go. All I needed to do was come up with a lousy. Question: What do AC/DC and I have in common? We're both BACK IN BLACK, baby! I realize I'm technically back in the black — but there's no.

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